Septic System Design

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Drain fields in a Arizona septic system design.

Sonoran Design does full service septic system design and permitting for Maricopa County and beyond.

Homes that do not have public sewers available depend on septic systems to treat and dispose of waste water. Septic systems can represent a significant financial investment. If designed properly, a well cared for system will provide years of steady, maintenance free service. Systems appear in city and county areas. We have done work in Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, New River, Scottsdale and many other areas.

There are two main types of systems:

  • Conventional
  • Alternative

Conventional Systems

Conventional septic systems typically have three main components.

  1. A septic tank, this separates the solids from the liquids, and serves a storage area for the solids to decompose and if properly maintained will decompose the solids faster then they build up.
  2. A drain field, this allows the separated water to drain out of the system and to absorb into the leach field.
  3. Soil this is the final treatment area for the effluent water to get treated, micro organisms in the soil will treat the drain water before it peculates out of the system.

If installed properly the conventional system is environmentally safe, long lasting and almost maintenance free. This is why septic system design is so important.

Alternative Systems

There are several types of alternative systems, (sometimes called engineered systems) these systems are installed when the soil is not good for a traditional leach bed or well. Some of these systems are “mounds” “emitter systems” and “filter systems.” Some of the systems import soil so that the micro organisms have a place to do live and their work. Other systems treat the effluent water in storage tanks and then use near surface emitters to evaporate the effluent water out of the system. Different municipalities have regulations as to which systems are allowed. Maricopa County Environmental Services has established their own rules for this region.

Septic System Design

In any case, care in the septic system design, proper installation, and proper maintenance should result in a long lasting and cost effective system to use. Septic system design is an expertise of Sonoran Design and we are happy to assist in helping you to do your project as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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